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New Hours! We look forward to seeing you on -

Mondays from 11AM to 4PM

Tuesday thru Friday from 10AM to 6PM

and Saturdays from 11AM to 4PM

Located in Historic Saint Marys, Georgia, Jerry Lee's Music and Artisan Emporium is the unparalleled industry leader in Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida.

With a wide range of offerings ranging from electric and acoustic guitar and bass equipment, drums and drum accessories, Peavey Amplifiers, music lessons conducted by seasoned professionals, Professional Grade PA gear, and even an on-site recording studio, Jerry Lee's Music and Artisan Emporium is dedicated to being your one stop when it comes to each and every one of your music needs.

An important message from Jerry Lee:

Jerry Lee's Music & Artisans Emporium is Camden County's only Factory Authorized Peavey Dealer. When you buy from us, you can rest assured that you're buying new products (unless otherwise disclosed) that are priced exactly as Peavey intends and requires, with full factory warranty included.

You may well find differing prices in an online search of other retailers or of online auction sites, but any seller that does not carry the badge of honor that comes with being a Factory Authorized Peavey Dealer cannot offer you any form of warranty on your purchased equipment.

Peavey Factory Endorsement requires that specific amounts be asked for new equipment sales, and (perhaps more importantly) Peavey Warranties are not transferrable - so don't be fooled by discounters or online auctions that are pawning off used merchandise as new, or pricing well below what Peavey requires, and equally don't buy into their claims that you are getting a full factory warranty with your purchase. Simply put, you're not. Deal only with those that carry the endorsement of Peavey.


101 w. St. Patrick Street, Saint Marys, GA | (912)576-4401